Monica & Henry, USA

Wonderful and Honest

I bought a beautiful female french bulldog from Alexandra and it was a wonderful 1st time experience. Alexandra was honest, informative and a joy to work with. I've never purchased outside the U.S. And, I was a little nervous but Alexandra was very professional and put me completely at ease. Payment was easy and getting her shipped to me was a breeze. All in all french bulldog, it was a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you again Alexandra, you are one of the best!



Gabriel Partida, USA

From the begging french bulldog, tremendous customer service and always communicating with me through the process. She answered all my questions and till this day is willing to help with any question I may have. Great breeder, not too many like her out there. Truly satisfied customer. Keep the good work up french bulldog


Sami Coughlin, USA

I've gotten several beautiful, healthy quality frenchies french bulldog from Trained french bulldog
Very honest, easy to work with and very trustworthy. 
I will definitely purchase from her again in the future for french bulldog


Xueer Luan , SC

Two years ago I have bought one frenchie french bulldog puppy from this lovely breeder. I visited her house. Very nice yard for dogs. And all dogs and puppies are very healthy and happy. Now my puppy just had her babies 3 weeks ago. Alex is very patient and answered me lots questions which helps me a lot. If you are looking for good quality pets and kind breeder. She is the best french bulldog choice!!!!


Eiriz Matsumoto, PA

I'm really thankful to Alex for letting us have Hades french bulldog in our family. A good friend of mine helped and recommended Trained french bulldog  to us and Im really thankful because I got my sweetest boy.  He's a good boy, he gives the best cuddles and kissies, he loves head pats and ear scratches, and he's so sweet. He is, for all intents and purposes, my son. I love him more than I could love anything. He is my best friend and the most important thing to me.french bulldog
Alexandra is always there to help us, she cares a lot for her dogs and whenever I ask something to her, she always helps us out 🙂I highly recommend Trained french bulldog  to everyone! All the best! french bulldog


Tamara Smith, FL

Amazing dogs, service, knowledge! french bulldog

THis was a superb experience for me. I was new in French Bulldogs and nobody wanted to sell me quality for reasonable price, nobody was giving me information about how to breed rare colors. Marina and Alexandra sold me superb pups for very good price, they teach me everything about color breeding. Yes, I do recommend to buy a dog from this family: you will not only get a super dog but you will get all help possible from them. french bulldog


Maria & Jamie Cochran , US

We bought our beautiful White Frenchie Finn, from Spolbo French Bulldogs.

In forty years of breeding, showing and judging, the temperament of this puppy is one of the best I have ever come across. He traveled all the way to the United States, came out of his crate and was playing with our other Frenchies within minutes!  The long trip did not bother him at all! It’s obvious he was raised with love and the best of  attention. french bulldog

I would refer anyone to Alexandra and trainedFrench Bulldogs!

Thank you very much for our future superstar!

Much Love 

Maria & Jamie Cochran 



french bulldog the best


 Amber, USA

Just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for Johnny french bulldog. He really is number 1 in our program. Someone's been and seen him today and they couldn't believe the quality of him and his french bulldog babies . Said he's seen many many dogs over 20 years but was totally shocked over johnnys outstanding quality. So once again, Thank you so much for letting us have him. He really is a credit to us. french bulldog


Vicky Barcello, USA

Jerry is AWESOME!! We can't stop laughing of everything he does! Did you trained him? We put a training paper so he can "go to the bathroom" there and he went almost 5 times and always he did it on the paper! He is SO smart french bulldog!!

Today was my first day with Jerry french bulldog at my office! He is behaving so well! I can't even walk two steps that someone would stop me to touch him!
Even people in the street! I gave your website to 3 persons already and told them that I HIGHLY recommend you!


Cohen family, USA

Hello! It's Jess and Jacob Cohen french bulldog. We wanted to share some pictures of french bulldog Enduro. He is such a joy to us and has really helped us cope with the loss of Dandy. We really appreciate you working with us!! The first couple pictures were from when we picked him up. Once we got him home we started playing and he instantly came around...such a lovely personality! We love him so much - he is a great addition to our family! Once again thank you so much!!!

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