We ship puppies by PRIVATE PET SHIPPING COMPANIES after they are 8 weeks old. They are very experienced in animal shipping. They take excellent care using pet care professional while they maintain strict guidelines assuring the safety of your pet, unlike regular airlines . Normal shipping time length are between 4-8 hours total ( all in one day ) depending on flight and distance, Flights are booked in advance with arrival times and tracking number pet delivery service has climate control facilities where ever the puppies are. We ship Monday through Sunday. We do ship on Holidays, We want your shipping experience to be without difficulty and will do everything we can to assure you have a great experience when picking your puppy from the airport,

Note Due to extreme summer heat in Arizona cities only the flight times from Origin cities must be after 9:00 pm during summer heat, We also need two closet Airports so, I can arrange shipping with the Airlines.


Cost Of Shipping

Cost is the same in all US cities regardless of distance. The cost at present time is  including Airline Approved carrier and health certificate. Cost is subject to change by airline price increases.

Shipping to Canada

We do ship to Canada at the same cost.

Forms of Identification

Once the puppy is dropped off at the your home. You will need 2 forms of identification ,When picking up the puppy. they will need 1 contact numbers .The name on the paper work is who they will only release the puppy to, If someone else is signing up the puppy, You will need to let me know the name so that, I can make a note on the paper work, If you do not then most likely the airline will not release the puppy. This is all for your protection, so that someone else cannot claim your puppy.

If you need further information or questions .

Please feel free to contact me .

Picking up your puppy

If you wish to pick up your puppy,

You need to schedule a 3-day prior to pick up.

What is involved in shipping process of puppy

What is involved in the shipping process of puppy

After all balance have been paid, I'll call the pet delivery service and book the pup. I will need to know

  • your home address and

  • who will signing up the pup

  • and 2 contact numbers,

  • The day and time will depend primarily on the flight, availability and temperature as well as when we are available to the the pup to the delivery service

usaully, I can book a flight anytime you are ready  After I have booked the pup flight, I will email or call you with the flight times, airway bill and tracking number . Then all you need to do is to be home when the pup arrives.

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